02 April 2010

god died and rose

1. Alexa Chung is amazing, one of my fashion icon tgt with others like Marykate & Ashley & Rumi of fashiontoast.

2. I'm so happyyyy!!!

3. I found lots of really unglam photos of myself on my fb. Photos of me from sec 1 to 3 were really I-don't-know-what-to-say. So I spent time untagging them. And I've decided to delete all the photos I took in Taiwan because I really can't stand the way I look then and esp my dressing hahaha!

4. The recent River Island & Topshop promotion srsly brainwashed me. I bought clothes ytd despite telling myself last week that I'm not suppose to buy clothes this month but well, FAIL!

5. And agn I love my cute grandma! I'm gna try my best to speak fluent teochew. I shall take teochew classes from my dad wahaha.

6. I'm still in deep love with Toothless, the dragon in the movie "How to train your dragon"!

7. I miss my friends esp to friends that I've not met for almost 10 decades, friends like Adalia & Ruri etc. Which reminds me, I shall go email Ruri now!

8. Somehow I just can't wait for school to start. My school starts only in August... But then agn I can use this time to meet up with friends & love ones, concentrate on music & start exploring and researching more on art. Wah I'm becoming an arty farty hehe.

9. My mom thinks I should pick up another musical instrument like guitar haha! See how la, my piano is giving me headache alr. And I'm pretty bad at looking at musical chords and guitar is all about the chords.

10. I really really really want to change my phone! :( My current phone keeps hanging, its really irritating! I'm nvr gna use Sony Ericsson phone anymore. I want bb leh but qian zai na li? Sigh.

Sometimes its quite fun to type in point form cos I'm starting to lose my ability in writing. I believe they are lots of grammar mistakes here and there haha. Anyway who has alr went back to Smell My Smelly Socks to collect your O lvl's cert?

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