26 November 2010

its over finally

Lots of self-obsessed pictures of me and some with Den in our school's iMac lab. Suppose to do resarch and ended up photoboothing haha.

fei po

my 3D final structure, half completed at tht time of picture taken.

Assessment is over, finally! Say yay :)

This shall be a very productive holdiay. Meet up with friends, spend time with family and love one, start learning how to use google sketchup and Moving Images & Sound, sell clothes hopefully, buy new clothes, do some painting and drawing, read books, travel around, go oversea etc etc etc! So excited and happy for this rest! And good news, I passed my assessment so it means I don't have resubmission! Can really enjoy this 7 weeks of rest before torture round 2 starts next year.


Denissa Hady said...

I like the first picture!!

Joey Low said...

Haha i look sick, face so white. You look so cute marmut! :)