07 December 2010

BMW world

2D studies final painting.

My very ugly clay model of me. Which part of it can you even tell its me right? hahaha, I find clay modelling quite challenging for me.

Wire hand, it started off making me sooo pissed. It cut and poked my hand but after a while, its kinda fun to construct. Not very well done though. And sorry for the lousy photo quality, I took this with my 2.0 MP phone camera.

Went to the BMW world exhibition held at MBS with Shawn a few weeks back.

Not very into cars but I thought this car was very interesting & unique! Its called Gina. Its made of some special fabric and there're some cool functions to it. Sadly we can't go near it to get a closer look or touch it. Btw the car isn't purple, I think the lighting of the place plus my camera mode made the photo look purple.




Chanel's store at MBS, looks beautiful. I like how the CHANEL word is placed in the white boxes, clever idea.

We were walking around and saw this guy and girl dressed in this weird outfit with cool headgear. And I was immediately inspired by the lady's headgear for my 3D final structure. So I tailed behind the lady to take pictures of her headgear then that guy asked "为什么你只拍她,没有拍我?" ("Why did you only capture images of her, and not me?") And then I took a photo of the two of them together. What a jealous man haha.

Nobody's at home tonight means there's no dinner for me, I'm gna go make a salad plus fruits for dinner after a bath.

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