06 February 2011

I made her smile cause she don't smile when taking photos. So cute right? I loooove my grandma :)

A few more photos from cny day 1. Don't have much photos on the other days cause I look... I feel its because of my hairrrr :< I don't know, I've been having a bad hair day. I look weird with my hair tied or untied. Not sure is it cause of the weather or because I still prefer my longer hair or other reasons.

My relatives kept asking why I brought my work to do during cny. Well, you think I want to? I wouldn't even bother if I didn't have that much work. But honestly, my progress these few days hasn't been good. Quite disappointed. So I'll have to rush them this week with new work that will be piling in. All right, going to continue with work now!

4 more weeks to assessment.

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