12 February 2011

non wearable and wearable


Credits: afterdrk and other relevant sites

Bas Kosters recent show. I love the whole outfits, its like the "funner" version of McQueen. Playing a lot with colours, shapes and patterns. Its not wearable on daily basis for me of course but I still like it. Its as fun as Lanvin <3 H&M's collection but crazier. I'm going to use these few images with the beak as reference for my final project.

Credits: Poisepolish

Celine's recent show. I love this as well, extremely different from Bas Koster's design but this shows another side of how we can play with clothes. Classic, edgy and comfy. Which is something I will wear. I like the colour, camel. Comparing to Bas Koster's, Celine uses only 2 shades of camel with 2 different materials for this dress but itsso gorgeous. This is what I call effortlessly chic.

My flu isn't leaving me anytime soon... My nose runs like a tap and its really annoying. Adding to that, I lost part of my voice. I hope I recover soon. I really really need to.

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