03 October 2011

heart warming

H&M block top, American Apparel pants, Vintage shoes, Casio watch

A simple Sunday I spent with family. Church in the morning and then met my family to celebrate my Granduncle's birthday at Raffles Country Club. Lots of food, playing with my 8 months old nephew and seeing him pull my hair in all directions, karaoke, birthday songs, indulging in Tiramisu, talking to my partially drunk uncle who asked if "I'm happy" and funny thing is that he has a dog named happy... So I'm not quite sure what he is really asking me lol. Speaking of birthdays, my 18th birthday is approaching in a few weeks time and its just 3 weeks before assessment. My birthday always falls before exams/assessments ever since I was 7.


Caroline Elizabeth said...

Hahahaha! I was laughing so hard when I read "and funny thing is that he has a dog named happy" ^.^

Joey Low said...

Hahaha! At first I said yeah I'm happy then I thought of his dog, and said I'm not if you're talking about your dog and he just laughed and walked away singing some old song lol.