23 October 2011

your little gestures

I was just thinking of something to blog and realised I've got nothing much to blog about because school has been really busy but I thought I could as usual, share on this blog the little random things I took in the past few weeks.

1. Some fashion illustrations which I was pretty attracted too at Raffles City.
2. This $200 top made of silk which felt so good on my skin and I absolutely love the collar details. And cause its $200 I didn't buy it..
3. I've been having this nude drawing lesson of a life model for the past 3 weeks. This was one of the blind drawing I had to do. I love blind drawing because its the only time when my drawings can look ugly and abstract without getting bad comments from my lecturer.
4. Some of the fashion history books I borrowed from NLB for my essay. And honestly, writing essays are such torture. Save me....
5. Dinner over at Blue Mountain while catching up with my foundation studies classmates. Really miss working with them. Everyone had gone to different paths in design.
6. This really cute cat sleeping soundly at the bus stop.
7. My A3 size birthday card from my classmates, this accidentally spelled "again" as "adain" lol.
8. 5-course Thai dinner with Cai Yan, ate till our tummy almost burst. Thank you for the dinner!
9. A mini mango belated birthday cake from my church cell group.

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