18 November 2011

home sweet home

I submitted my last assignment on Monday and yesterday I went back to school to find out that I'm officially accepted into Fashion Communication! I've been wanting to study this course before I came to Lasalle. Since Monday I had been lazing around at home...Went to the gym, watch America's Next Top Model and plan my itinerary for my trip which is in 10 days time! Today I'll be spending some time reading magazines I bought some time ago, Monki magazine I received in my mail but didn't have time to read and "Influence" by MKA which has been on my wishlist for years since it was published and I finally have it! I was overjoyed when the postman arrived at my door with the book. Christmas is coming and I'm already in Christmas mood! Will be spending my Christmas overseas. Pictured in the first image; Ray Ban Wayfarer, Ray Ban aviator, DKNY tortoise shell, Gianni Versace vintage, thrifted round shades, degreed shades my dad made. Happy weekend! x


Caroline Elizabeth said...

Congrats Joey! Hehe, I see the little cookie monster on your mini christmas tree! And your room looks really cosy. I like your curtains haha (:

Joey Low said...

Hey thanks :) haha I think it's really cute to put cookie monster there! And only that part of my room looks nice, that's why I chose that spot to take these pictures. Other parts of my room are soooo messy!

vnikali said...

super lovely!! remember to bring those shades to hk:D
the weather is pretty chill and nice:) not too cold.. but to bring some light jackets and stockings. I personally think its the best weather :)
have fun and let me know if you want to go to any cool place I can tell u :D

Joey Low said...

Hi! Thanks for the reply :) Haven't been to hk before, am very excited about it! I'm still planning on my trip, what are some good places I can shop that are not too expensive but has nice things? I'll be visiting Langham, Hollywood road, Lan kwai fong, Times Square, Argyle, King wah, citygate, jardine bazaar. Thanks again!