09 November 2011

soft light

Just the last submission and I'm done with school for now. Can't wait for holidays. Earn some money, learn new things, relax, enjoy Autumn overseas, catch up with old friends, celebrate Christmas and New Year! I want to look for a place to intern but I gotta update my CV and portfolio and plan out my schedule first. Anywhere good to intern? Past few days was like living in hell. Had very little sleep, didn't eat well, got a random chest pain and fever but at least its about to be over and I'm feeling much better now! I can't wait to get back to the gym again, haven't exercise for weeks due to school and I can really feel myself growing fatter..Its time to exercise soon especially before and after my trip which I'm pretty much excited about!

PS: If you like my Instagram pictures and has an account, do follow me there! jojoeylow is the username.

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