02 February 2012


Celebrated my sister's 10th and nephew's 1st birthday several weeks back. Really thankful to start the year with several family gatherings.

Uninspired days or when in doubt, wear black. But I'm still trying to refrain myself to wearing all black that often.

Went to Yue Han's video work which was exhibited at my school.

Explored a rural yet interesting underground in school while working on a photography work.

New kicks for the New Year! Though its a little loose for my feet, I still love it so much!

Shot by Arella.

Here was briefly how my January went. 80% of it was myself doing my school work. Speaking of which, sorry for the lack of updates as explained. On a side note, I will be interviewing a relatively well known fashion photographer this Saturday and I'm excited and nervous about it! Hope it will go well and I'll share the interview Q&A on the blog in weeks to come. And I've decided to do a recap post of every month this year, it may not be a very focused content post. Where I can share something else about what's happening in my life. Its always good to share, to reflect and seek for improvement! Happy Friday tomorrow and happy weekends! x


Gracey said...

The last pic is nice! So Goth and broody, heh heh~

Joey Low said...

Haha thanks, it was a random shot when I'm suppose to shoot other stuff for school.