24 January 2012


Its the first day of the lunar Dragon New Year. A little update about today: I went to the gym early because I felt really fat after having two heavy reunion dinners with both my maternal and paternal sides.  Then I went to visit my relatives and did some of my school assignment at my Grandmother's house. But lost my motivation to continue my work. Need a break!

Monki shirt, Maple skirt, Rings from H&M and Maple, Bag from Macau, Katie Judith wedges

I'm not really the kind who would clad in an all-red ensemble for Chinese New Year. Who says we got
to wear bright colours? Well I agree bright colours suit the festive mood but monochrome suits me more and besides, deep in my mind school assignments are chiming in my mind repeatedly... I got this top while I was in Hong Kong and told myself to keep this piece to be worn on Chinese New Year because it doesn't have the usual collar, just collar stand which in other words is mandarin collar. Plus, its sheer-ness is comfortable just nice for the hot weather here despite the recent downpour. Shot these photos just outside my Grandmother's house when I reached. Its another long day of visitings tomorrow, new set of clothings to wear!


::little projects in style:: said...

i wanna steal your wardrobe! :) you have such great pieces!

p.s. red on cny totally overrated!

Joey Low said...

Haha thanks but I trying to have better eyes in picking better stuffs! You can get lots of nice stuff in Japan isn't it? :) and yeah I see people wearing all-red for cny every year!