15 May 2012


Thescarletroom jacket, Sugarlips Easter skirt, Egg3 satchel, Vintage shoes

I am extremely grateful to Sugarlips Apparel for sending me this beautiful skirt. I must say, this is one of the most comfortable skirts I've ever worn! Paired with my worn-to-death biker jacket from Thescarletroom gave an edge, I could be both a girly girl and a little tad rocker. This skirt proves versatility, can't wait for the next time I wear this again pairing with something else. Sorry I haven't been at best in updating recently, due to my internship but I had to as soon as possible when I found this skirt in my mail and got so excited to photograph it. Thanks Dad for photographing and once again, Sugarlips for being so kind to send me this skirt all the way from LA! xo


Buzz said...

Love it!


Jessi said...

Such a beautiful skirt! I love how you paired it with a leather jacket. Awesome combo.

p.s. i'm new to your blog. check me out:

Joey Low, Singapore said...

Buzz: Thank you! :)

Joey Low, Singapore said...

Jessi: Thanks :) you've got nice photographs on your blog!

Anonymous said...

Hey! Where did you get your shoes from? :D

Joey Low, Singapore said...

Hey, I got it from a random shop at Chinatown! Not sure if the shop is still there because its not even a proper shop.