01 June 2014


IMG_8873 IMG_8878

Just another black outfit...but one that never run old. Throwback to Hong Kong 3 months ago where layering clothing was not an issue. Miss dressing in 2-3 layers feeling super cooling and comfortable. Weather has (always) been humid and erratic in Singapore and given we're geographically situated one degree north from the equator, layering is not quite mentally and physically possible unless you're in an air conditioned room all day or you're miraculously able to brave the immense heat. I'm one with a very low tolerance of heat and I will always place priority in comfort over style – still happy to dress in simple clothing.

Well I guess, I'll see you outerwears some time end of the year or when I get to travel somewhere cold again! (and hoping that will be sometime soon)

Uniqlo x G.V.G.V shirt dress, leather jacket borrowed from Lesley, Dr. Martens shoes, Katie Judith bag

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