25 June 2014


Since I was a kid, my parents described me as a "garang guni" (a legit occupation term for someone who goes around houses collecting others' unwanted objects, from newspapers to furnitures and then resell it) because I was a hoarder of everything. Think brochures with cute images on them, keychains, MacDonalds ice cream tray, bubble wraps, postcards, random free magazines, (ugly) notebooks, novels I bought and never read, piles of clothes, soft toys...ok too many to name, I don't want to go on. In recent years, I got quite blasé of clutter, of having so much. I started getting rid of bags and bags of rubbish but you know bad habits don't change overnight – as I got rid a handful of junk, I bring home other stuff. Fail!

But this time I really had enough of living in a clutter, so this week saw me throwing out the unnecessary in my room – it was a tideous but at the same time, liberating process seeing much lesser things in my tiny bedroom/workspace and wardrobe. Our homes should be practical and simple, with only the essentials to allow more space to live in comfortably and think clearly. I have so many clothing that I bought on impulse which are still in great condition but they don't suit me anymore, and I can't bear to trash them so the better option is to sell them to those who would suit these items. Please have a look at my carousell account here – you'll find clothes, accessories, books and fashion magazines. Hopefully they'd find a better home. I should posting more stuff to sell in the next few days. Please help!

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