22 August 2014


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It's Friday! 2 weeks into work life and I can have a taste of what "Monday Blues" and "TGIF" truly feels like. Something I understood as a student, but only able to experience it on another level.

Having to work 9-6 with a travelling time of 1.5 hours every morning meant that I only have a short amount of time to select what to wear and get dressed at the crack of dawn, while still half asleep. My shift in maintaining a wardrobe of essentials has helped me to mix and match pieces easier, with it being versatile and comfortable.

My top 10 work wear essentials would be:

Dress | Everything is made easier when it's one-piece isn't it?

White Shirt | I like the kind of white shirts that can look both casual and formal at the same time, depending on how it's styled. For the matter, navy and black shirt goes well too.

Skirts | These obviously go together with tops, and I find myself repeating my skirts all the time.

Black Pants |
 I have yet to find a comfortable, nicely cut black pants that doesn't look too formal at the same time. So I've been wearing skirts and dresses a lot – a pants goes into my "necessary to buy" list.

Blazer | Because of Singapore's perpetual humidity, I have stopped wearing blazers but I can finally wear them to the office now. They've became an essential to me.

Sunglasses | RayBans will always be my one and only sunshades, I need no other since I have the black wayfarers. Sunglasses are only necessary to protect my eyes from the glaring sun, in fact sometimes I don't find myself needing it for work.

Black Heels | I'm rather terrible with heels. I always favour sneakers more than heels. I secretly wish sneakers are appropriate at where I'm working at. But a 3.5" block heels with minimal design and comfort helps a lot.

Watch | I usually wear a rose gold Omega watch my dad gave me, but I'm hoping to get one in black and silver with basic designs.

Small bag | Because there's a water dispenser in the office and a sheltered route to get to my workplace, I rarely bring my bottle and umbrella. So all I need is my wallet, tissue, portable charger and phone.

To be honest, there's only 8 essentials I've listed and I can't think of other essentials I may need. The lesser the better. Lets see if I can document some work wear looks over this space next time. In the meantime, enjoy the weekends!

Photos by Joey L.

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