02 September 2014


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NOON-NOM – The name of this highly instagram-ed art installation at this year's Singapore Night Festival. It was a room filled with what seemed like pastel pau (chinese buns) or if you think in the wrong way...it might look otherwise. Being at the night festival for the first time, I felt it was quite an exposure and it also enhances Singapore's art and night scene. But I'm personally not a fan of the crowd, human jam and noise though.

On another note, it's been 4 weeks into working life. I have not gotten use to working 9-6 (++). I'm particularly missing the slow morning, sleeping in, flexible schedule and the freedom to go wherever I'd like to. I think I sound quite whiney when it comes to talking about my work life, but many times failed to see it as a blessing and a humble beginning. Well, I'm still learning and always will. For now, I look forward to sleeping in this Saturday and anticipate for my vacation next month! #cantwait

Happy September!

Photos by N.

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