21 December 2014


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While every shopping malls are now swarmed with people trying to shop just because it's Christmas, I'm reminding myself what I already have than what I lack. Though, on a side note, I do need a new phone (like an iPhone 6 in silver...) to replace my 3.5 years old iPhone 4 that isn't functioning very well.

Those who have been reading this space, you'd probably know that I've been trying to minimise my wardrobe and clear out all other things I have in my room which I've amassed on impulse the past several years. Despite several spring cleanings every year, the clutter doesn't seem to diminish. It is really quite intimidating, at least to me. Part of the stash in my room were gifts received – most of them doesn't suit me and/or I don't need it. Naturally, it's kept somewhere in my room and overtime it's becomes a stash of clutter that creates more stress and work for me to deal with.

Share with your friends and family what you really need, or that you really don't need anything. I've been inspired with a list of minimalistic gift guide from Ivania Carpio's post here.

Understand what they truly need, work out your budget and buy something they need. It would be more meaningful and memorable to give what they need than what they don't that might become unnecessary and gets chucked somewhere in their home.

It is always easy and sometimes effortless to purchase, but all that 'clearing out' is seriously not worth the time. But for now, it requires much more effort to continue decluttering and at the same time, control what I bring home. Especially now that I don't have an abundant amount of time at home to do spring cleaning.

Have a blessed Christmas! I'm really looking forward to it!

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