07 December 2014



Every month come and go, but December is the time of the year. There's something about this month that gives us the fuzzy wuzzy feeling because of Christmas and New Year's Eve. Far beyond gifts and feasts, the reason why we even celebrate Christmas in the first place is because of Jesus's birth; that brings true meaning and real joy to this occasion.

December also encapsulates the year, and welcomes the new year. Over the past recent years, I learnt to set aside time for reflection on my spiritual and mental growth for the year, so that I'll set myself right with the new year that is to come.

It's a pity though, for Christmas to be a busier month at work for many working adults, and to see Christmas become commercialised; shopping malls swarmed with people shopping massively, only to amass ourselves with things more than what we already have.

Is this occasion just another chance to shop, to party or perhaps to earn some bonus at work? What is Christmas to you?

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