05 December 2015


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Ok, first of all, how and where did time go that we're already into the first week of December? Last Christmas still felt recent to me. And just a month ago (and is it a month already?), I was in Korea for my annual leave/vacation with my family to relax and recharge. Fast forward today, I think I'm in need of another round of recharging. But let's face it, we can never get enough rest or holiday isn't it?

Contrary to how I'd usually prep for a travel, I did not read up much on Jeju and went there not really knowing what to expect.

And now that I've been there, I'd say that Jeju might seem a little boring with the lack of "happening" sites or activities but I learnt that it is all about our perspectives. I saw this island as a very serene and calm place, and as you can probably tell from the photographs, it has lots of blues, greens and browns (and reds if you're there during Autumn). The highlight at Jeju was a morning hike at Unesco World Heritage Seongsan Ilchulbong Peak. With a great view and exercise (for me), which had my legs go jelly after the hike, no kid...that shows how long I've put exercise aside in my lifestyle – something I need to seriously reflect on. Being surrounded by a concrete jungle, technology, fashion and a fast paced work life every day in Singapore, Jeju was a timely escape to it, although it was only for a short 36 hours.

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