01 January 2016


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2015 had been busy and challenging for me; it is my first year I've worked through a full year and learning how to prioritise my commitments at work, in church, in my family with adaquate rest.

I've put off resolutions for a while now because I can't keep up with anything for years and just decided to heck it. But in 2016, I feel the need to live healthier in all aspects of life – perhaps coming to terms that I'm turning 23 this year, makes me a lot more serious about improving my lifestyle or I regret later. And to set goals, I have these resolutions I'm working to achieve despite it going to be a much more hectic year ahead.

1. Read God's words everyday
2. Maintain a regular exercise lifestyle (also means putting off all lazy excuses)
3. Watch my diet (realising my metabolism is no longer like a 20 or 21 year old's)

All in all, it is my prayer to be a thankful and contented person. Easier said that done though; I've been trying but end up sulking and resort to complaining about unhappy moments (like when Aunties dashes up the bus in uncivilised fashion on public transport or when buses do not arrive on time and so much more). In a timely manner, my cousin bought me this beautiful "thankful journal" for Christmas. Basically, I have to pin down 3 things I can be thankful for each day. By focusing on the optimistic instead of dwelling in the pessimistic as an everyday practise, and using a simple planner to organise my schedule, I hope to make a healthy change in my lifestyle physically, mentally and spiritually. Hopefully this would be a journey I can share with others by end of the year.
Have a blessed 2016!

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