09 January 2016


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Seoul is a bustling city amalgamated with Asian and Western beauty – modern architectures built alongside traditional Korean houses, photogenic European curated cafes along the streets with good coffee, the best Korean fried chicken and kbbq, well dressed and friendly Koreans who willingly helped us with directions despite the language barrier, tons of beauty products, women who just did plastic surgery shopping around Myeong-dong openly with bandage and cast on their face, good shopping, kpop & kdramas.

Don't judge me but I used to spend most of my Secondary school days listening to kpop favourites like Super Junior & 2NE1, chase after kdramas and naturally fell in love with Korea, or anything that seems to start with the letter 'k'. Being back again after 9 years is like rekindling love with an old flame. I may not be into kpop & kdrama anymore but somehow this city will always have a place in my heart, and there's something about Seoul that captivates my soul.

Ann yeong for now Seoul, I'll definitely be back!

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