03 September 2016


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It's Night Festival 2 weekends ago, and following our annual tradition, Nathaniel and I visit Night Fest again for the 3rd year. You can read up on our previous experience here – 2015 and 2014.

On the morning of that Friday, the 'annual' haze hits Singapore at a PSI level of over 200 and I thought "what a bummer" if we had to put off this year's visit if the haze persists...But the skies and air did clear, so we managed to resume with the plan.

Without saying, the Festival Village is what we looked forward to (mostly because of the fairy lights hovering over the area), though we chose not to dine there this time because of the heat and crowd, but instead we got ourselves a jar of coconut shake to beat the heat. I personally felt this year's Night Fest was a tad on the down side; there weren't anything significant to remember or perhaps I was just too tired after a long week at work to enjoy the experience. Nonetheless, Night Fest is still an event worth looking forward to each year, so till we meet again in 2017!

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