12 September 2016


yellow ribbon-1

One of my personal goal is to participate in a long run before I turn 25. While there are a multiple of such runs in Singapore annually, I have been putting it off as I am always waiting for the day I would be ready physically first before signing up for a long run. When the time came to register for the Yellow Ribbon Run this year, I hesitated for awhile but eventually took a leap of faith and signed myself up for the 10km category, cause I will never be ready if I don't ever start. So with this, I finally began running again.

Running is one of my least favourite form of exercise despite knowing what good it does to my body, but as we know running can be so tiring and difficult. The first three sessions were bad, but I improved from my fourth run onwards, increasing a kilometre to my distance on subsequent run without stopping. With 6.5 weeks, I managed to train up to 8km before the actual run. I'm thinking of consolidating this experience and my ongoing training into a separate post in a few month's time, we'll see how this goes!
The day came and I completed my first ever 10km run, though I personally felt I did not do as well as I hope it to be. As I only have time after work hours to train in the evening or at night, my body was somehow not that conditioned to running under the sun and immense heat. Nevertheless, it is still a milestone to have gone from zero running in years to completing 10km in less than 7 weeks. I believe this would be a good kick start to my future runs and journey to becoming fitter.

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