25 May 2010

evening at the meseum

Hi I'm gna bore everyone with photos agn. These photos are taken at the National Museum last wed, they're taken by Arella, Shawn & I.

On our way down, round and round till we reached a door as seen.
This gallery/exhibition we're at is about the history of Singapore,
Singapore: 1960.

If only I could donate some of my excess flesh to that uncle on the right.


Staring at the family potrait on the extreme right and wondered to ourselves why they don't smile when they take photos. Their faces were all stern.

Looks like some propaganda but its product advertising.

This is Shawn.


This is Arella.

3 of us. All art student/ soon-to-be art student.

Kool dress, campbell. Reminds me of Jeffery Campbell haha ok.

Oh and this museum is the living galleries. There's fashion, food, film & wayang, photography.

End of tour!

I have this interest in visiting museums especially museums like this. Honestly, I don't read the history facts (that explains why I can't do well in history and had to drop history last year). I love looking at the antiques/ treasures kept from the past, black & white or sepia photographs capturing images I don't get to see now, the way the things are being displayed, so visually attractive :)

PS: Today has been not so productive. I stayed at home the entire day, sitting in front of the computer for hours trying to upload these photos up here. It took me about 5 hours to finish everything. I'll be updating with many photos for the next few entries. Several camwhoring + outfits photos of myself tgt with fire photographies taken at the opening of Singapore Arts Festival (Fire installation). And next week I'll be back with photos from KL, will blog about it once I'm done editing it.

PS2: GSS officially starts on 28 May till 25 July! Have fun shopping but spend wisely! :)

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