28 August 2010


Celeste's 18th surprise birthday cake from us, she's pretty right? Haha :) We had to tell white lies to her and act so that the surprise would turn out well and she suggest that we should transfer to theatre instead of doing visual arts hahaha.

We were at PS window shopping. Suddenly the alarm went off and the shutters along the corridor came down. We were super shocked and decided to take a picture. Till now, I still have no idea what had happened.

My lunch, straight cut fries from 15 minutes! Very yummy! :)

Me, Arella, Jasmine, Justina, Grace, Justin, Yue Han, Shawn

A farewell picnic for Yue Han. He's already in UK probably shopping a lotttt :< And Grace is such a brave girl, she shaved her head at the hair for hope event. I will never be able to shave my head. The last time I had short hair was in Primary 1 and that was cause this girl lied to me saying that long hair was not allowed in school so I gong gong went to believe her, and cut my hair short -.- I cried when I saw my hair being chopped off and I requested to keep my cut-off hair in a zip lock bag. But my mom threw the hair away after a few years.


Anyway I'm blogging cause I need a little rest from doing all the work. I enjoy doing my homework. I hated doing homework back in secondary school cause everything was so boring and crappy. How I wish there were 3 days of weekends instead of 2 cause I need more time to finish up the crazy load of work.

Oh btw I've not been shopping! I don't know whether I should be happy or sad about it. Happy cause I'm saving money but sad cause everytime I see something nice, I tell myself I don't need it and close the blogshop page. Oh well, I shall just save as much as possible now and treat myself something from Topshop with the 20% voucher in October cause its my birthday :) But hopefully there'll be something nice.

Kk, back to chiong my work. Bye~


Anonymous said...

do u wear any makeup?

Joey said...

I put on light foundation and if I rmb, i'll put on some blusher too. I seldom use eye liner. Yup :)