10 September 2010

hari raya

Ikr, my unglam face at the back :<

Some of my classmates.

Hi everyone sorry for the lack of updates. Been busy with school. I just keep working and working everyday non stop. Its a good thing but its also tiring. Above pictures were taken when we are on our way to Singapore Arts Museum after a Grey Matters lesson. I'm really glad for this Hari Raya public holiday if not I would have to sleep late to do my 3D egg structure documentation and presentation board and my illustrator work yesterday.

I had a Japanese buffet lunch with my family in celebration for my mom's upcoming birthday. Guess what, we found a baby cockroach in the soup zzz. My mom kinda lost her appetite after seeing the cockroach and realising that she drank quite an amount of the soup. In addition, while lunching, there came a blackout. And my dad started singing "Happy birthday day to you!" superrrr loud. So embarrassing! But overall the food is quite good.

PS: I'm going to watch Momotaro: The Peach Boy with my sister tmr and its held at my school's SIA airlines theatre.


Elizabeth said...

The black-out is so romantic!


Joey Low said...

Hahaha yeah true but my dad spoilt the mood by singing happy birthday song so loud tsk! Haha!