30 October 2010

the chicken revenge

Hey hey this is a movie poster I did in my photoshop workshop. Ok so we're suppose to look into ourself, wht genre are we? And do a movie poster. All images have to been taken by ourself, no grabbing of images from the net or books etc. So I went to fort canning park to get background photos, and the rest were from random places. I had to buy the chicken to get the images and this chicken makes an awful sound when you squeeze its body but I really like its expression, really suit the idea I am working on.

Anyway, my idea was inspired by "Alice In Wonderland" movie. Its suppose to be a comedy movie cause I feel that I am quite funny? I make people laugh. Since its about me, I brainstormed and thought that I like to eat, especially chicken. And thought, in this real world, I eat a lot of chicken. Sooo the chickens kidnapped me and brought me to another world, resized me (a big me and a small me like Alice) and want to take revenge by eating me hence the movie title- The chicken revenge.

Next week I've a submission for my clay model of my face. Still working very hard on it cause it doesn't look like me a bit at all. One point in time I looked like a grandma, an elf, a monk, Confucius' son or daughter (can't even differentiate the gender).. But I'll post the final image of it once I've submitted it :) I'm loving school but I'm just really tired, hang on!

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