23 October 2010

maybe you're the reason why

So its exactly a month to my assessment, its time to work triple times harder like a cow.. Shall just upload this lot of photos and go on a short hiatus here and there. Will upload when I have the time and with something to blog about.

My birthday lunch at hk cafe. Ok look at this array of photos, take note of Fabian's face changing process.....
Hahaha, retards. Btw, the hk milk tea (the giant one in the middle) is nice! Only valid 3 days before and after for those birthday babies from their birthdate. Example my birthday is on 20 oct, you can go there from 17 - 23 oct, with total purchases of $30 to get this free giant milk tea plus a birthday song played from the speaker haha.

Photoboothing with the new iMac my school purchased! Spam!
Fabian look like his fake teeth flew out when riding on the roller coaster haha..

All right so this is it for now. Gna be doing tons of work! Sleepless nights and brain drained. Sounds pretty exciting but its gna be very taxing. Wish me luck, pray for me! :) And btw thank you everyone for all your birthday wishes. My fb wall got spammed haha. Even people I don't know wished me, that's really nice of them :)

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