21 January 2011

Have been so busy and tired from all the school work. This semester is really a lotttt tougher than the previous, I could still slack a bit in the first few weeks last semester, now...no joke.

Will be bringing my work out during chinese new year. But I'm fine with that since my cny has always been so boring for me every year. So this year lasalle has prepared something for me to do.

On one of the rarest day, I wore eyeliner out. Always very lazy to use the eyeliner.

My hair grew so fast. Soon it'll grow back to that long messy thick length again.

Hahaha yes I camwhore. So much of photobooth pictures cause I don't have photos from my camera to blog.

This was from Open house last Saturday. We were suppose to parade our "white" wearable structure around the school. And it was the lamest parade ever.

Okkk, time to sleep and wake up early tomorrow to attend my sister's principal talk, my mom asked me to go :/ and piano lessons after.

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