03 January 2011

twenty eleven

Hello everyone, I'm back from my holiday trip. I spent christmas eve, christmas, new year's eve, new year away.

Its 2011 now! I don't want to do a new year's resolution because I never was able to fulfill any of my resolutions for years haha so forget it.

2010... I wouldn't say it was a good or bad year for me. I mean a year definitely has its good and bad times. Its generally good actually. I found that time flew really fast in 2010, I don't know why but it just past sooo quickly.

I met new friends and also continued to keep in contact with my secondary school friends :) I learnt a lot in 2010 and hopes to continue to learn a lot more & more. This new year, I hope it will be a better year than before of course. I will be meeting my newborn nephew soon, celebrating something special in april, finish my foundation year in lasalle, hopefully my parents will bring my sis and I to bangkok in mid year, start my fashion comm studies, turn 18 in oct, hopefully a hong kong trip in year end, celebrate friends' birthdays, celebrate xmas and new year!

God bless!

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