24 April 2011

happy easter

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Happy Easter everyone!
I love you Jesus.
I want to praise the Lord for something that seem minor but is pretty important for me today. And I learnt to appreciate the nature because the nature is very beautiful and its God's amazing creation. I know I sound holy suddenly but I really wanna thank God for everything :) And I didn't receive easter eggs today cause I left church slightly late and it was all taken haha.

PS: I like Joanne Peh, Rui En and Fann Wong's outfit for Star Awards part II which was held just now. So elegant and gorgeous. Black and leopard, 2 of my favourites.

PS 2: Really glad for awesome friends :) For now, thank you Arella so much for helping me do the catwalk and photo shoot for my project. Can never do it without your help. And Yue Han, my long time brother, who willingly wants to be my assistant for the photo shoot. So thankful for awesome people <3

PS 3: I will post photos during the fashion parade once I collected some other photos from my friends :)

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