27 April 2011

who is my style inspiration and why?

Who is my style inspiration and why?

To be honest I don't have a single person that is my style inspiration. I see fashion visuals everywhere and many things out there inspires me and it starts to define my dressing sense.

Since this question is a 'who', I will mention two of my favourite style inspirers! I love to experiment my dressing in different styles that I feel comfortable in but still keeping it effortless & chic.

: TV presenter, Model, Fashion designer & Contributing editor.

Vintage and edgy. Same person, two different styles. Alexa is someone that tries on different styles but still keeping to what she feels comfortable in and what she likes. What I admire is how gorgeously she still presents who she is no matter what she is channeling in.

: Actress, Model, Fashion designer, Producer & Author.

Chic and minimal. I personally prefer Marykate's style over her twin sister, Ashley Olsen though there are some outfits Ashley wore which inspires me as well, but in general I feel Marykate's more than Ashley's. I am inspired by how Marykate Olsen brought out the beauty of black by pairing black differently. Similarly, 2 different styles but so beautifully dressed. Its so inspiring especially sometimes when I think that black is boring, she proves that it isn't at all! (You can never go wrong with black!)

Here are 2 of my favourite style inspirers. Actually there are many people out there that inspires my dressing too. They can be strangers, my friends, boutique assistants etc! I feel that fashion is not just about wearing whatever that is in trend but able to show who you are through the apparels we put on. I feel that wearing something we feel comfortable in is very important too! For Alexa Chung and Marykate Olsen, I can relate their style a lot to me and their their dressing sense has greatly inspire me and it will always be!

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