01 July 2011

colours of the wind

Colleague made this cookie-cake-muffin, taste pretty good

Ice tea cino from Mr Teh Tarik, growing fat because of this

Too much clothes, 1/4 are clothes I am not wearing anymore, so pleaseee help me here.

Justina & I in church

Dinner with family on one of my off days

Planning on the things I wanna sew

During one of the tracyeinny shoots. This shoot is not launched yet.


My cute grandma with her cute hair ;)

And again sorry for instagraming photos again, can't get over it. Will be meeting friends soon hopefully. Life hasn't been so great recently...I'm young but I feel so tired already. Its already July, 1 more month left till school reopens. 2011 is zooming like a rocket, 5 more months and its Christmas then 2012 woah.

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