10 July 2011

shall not expect more

If I got the $$, I would buy the Chanel flats and Balenciaga clutch.

Wearing an old denim jumper with my grandma's blouse and my diy bag.
We just shipped in smaller sized paper bags & my boss asked me to take a picture with it.

Helped to fill up threads in bobbin pins at work.

Can never get over Ikea meatball sauce and baked chicken, unless I tried better ones but still, this is so good :)
And happened to see Sawn, my lecturer and his wife and then Fann Wong while shopping for stuffs.

A diy applique skirt I made yesterday. Pardon the horrible stitchings.

Bought books at Basheer at a steal. Made me happy because many times at Basheer, I can only browse through the books and not able to afford it.


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