29 July 2011

chilling at the frass

(OM blouse, Miss Selfridge skirt, Egg3 leather bag, Rings from Topshop & F21)

Please DO NOT laugh at my ugly hair. Had a haircut by a trainee stylist at Toni&Guy. All I asked was to thin my hair cause its so thick. Before the cut, a guy stylist talked to me about my hair. Based on his professionalism, he said that I gotta cut a little so I said ok, since its a little (it was suppose to be till my bra as a marking). But the lady cut it shorter than the marking, so now my hair length is above my bra. Its really short to me. And she thinned it too much, too layered. So the top part of my hair is very pouffy and so thin at the bottom. I've never liked such hairstyle really, its pretty "ah lian" looking in my opinion and now its on me. Sigh I'm really sad, I miss my previous hairstyle a lot even though its thick. I can only tie up my hair when I'm out now cause I really dislike it when I let it down. But its so short on top, I gotta pin them and all which is soooo troublesome. Previously, if I had to tie, I just need 1 rubberband and all my hair is up including my fringe and I can have a few hairstyles: centre parting, braiding, bun etc. Now I can only do a normal tie with needs of pins which still look very messy and that is very depressing. Besides I'm starting school, I've got ugly hair to school now. I have to wait till next year for it to get back to the hairstyle I want. Enough said, I'm really really really sad. I have a fear of haircuts.

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