25 August 2011

visual diary x every little thing

#2 I've been doing weaving and embroidery for textiles. Its kinda fun but really tideous and takes a lot of patience to do.

#3,4  I sew the black dress from scratch. Bad stitchings everywhere but I still wore it out..

#6  Japanese ramen from IMM's kopitiam which tastes pretty good, well at least to my liking.

#7  One of my outfit I wore to school last week. Wearing gonelikemagic black maxi dress, thrifted shoes, New Look socks, thrifted leopard cardigan.

#9  Scored 3 pieces of outerwears from Club21 bazaar last Sunday with Arella, so happy with our buys!

#10  Pink sauce @ 15 minutes.

#12,13,14  I'm still addicted to Instagram & just found a new love called Leme Cam. Gonna two time with this two apps now!

#15  Dinner with my family at Seoul Garden.

#16  Took this just now, as you can see they're the above photos.

#17  Had to wear 60s/70s to school, prior to what we're currently studying - fashion history. I chose the 60s Mod look. Think The Beatles, Twiggy, Jane Fonda (I know I don't look a bit like them). Wearing Zara mod dress, thrifted vintage shoes, chromaki faux fur bag. The Zara dress is another good buy :)

PS: Sorry for taking outfit pictures in this lift with that silver bar all the time. I'm too shy to ask friends to photograph me, I don't have a nice background at home to shoot in front of a tripod... Bear with such photos for the time.

Have a great weekend & advance Hari Raya Puasa! As usual it'll be a "complete assignments" weekend.

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