06 August 2011

visual diary x first week of august

Wearing grey asymmetrical dress from iloveanything, leather bag from egg3, thrifted shoes

A lot of visuals on food throughout the week till the point my mom thinks I'm crazy. School has been all right so far, have got research, readings and materials buying to do. I'm thankful to have a pretty good timetable, 4 days per week of school and I end school latest at 7. Whereas some of my other friends end classes at 930pm or having 5 days of school straight. On a side note, I'm still disliking my hair but its much better than how it was on the first day. I was on the verge of going for hair extension or getting a wig.. Hoping my hair would grow faster for the time! Anyway, have a great weekend! I'm spending my Saturday at home to finish up my work. Sunday going to church and family time xx.

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