26 December 2011

hong kong photo diary

I love travelling because I get to immerse myself in another culture and environment. Other than shopping the whole day, indulging in good food and squeezing with everyone else on the MTRs for this trip, I got to visit the small shops, morning wet market, olden day village, view the skyscrapers (which is very different from Singapore's). Seeing what others do everyday be it young or old, look at the way they live, what they speak...was an eye opener. That's what makes travelling so exciting. I always believe that even if the place is boring, there'll always be something unique about it and more importantly, keeping memories of those places in my mind forever. There're so many places I'd love to visit, its countless!

*I had actually scheduled this post to be posted a few days ago while I was away at Hainan Island but it appears that I had made a mistake to the settings hence it wasn't posted at all. I've just returned home from my flight. I'm a little late but still, Merry Christmas everyone! There're 12 days of Christmas isn't it? Hope all of you had a great and blessed Christmas!


Anonymous said...

how many countries did you go to?

Joey Low said...

I've been to about 8 countries (malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, hongkong-Macau, china several times). Haven't been out of Asia before.