04 December 2011

macau photo diary

This was how I spent my 2 days in Macau. Indulging in their local Portuguese-Chinese pork chop & egg tarts. Their egg tart beats Singapore's hands down. Its sweet, soft and its crust is so crispy...Heaven! We visited the usual must-go-to in Macau such as St. Paul's ruins, St. Dominic's church, Senado Square, the Venetian and roamed around the streets of shops at San Ma Lo. Although I'm legal to visit the casino there, we didn't enter due to the tight schedule to visit other places. The weather then was similar to Singapore's, just less humid with slightly cooler breeze compared to the scorching one here. I've had some fun trying to pronounce Portuguese street names. We also squeezed in some time for a visit to Zhuhai as well which I will blog about very soon. Anyways, happy December! x

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