07 December 2011

new in: pink, scent, knits

Some of the things I got from my recent trip. After taking these pictures, I realised how pinky the photographs turned out to be. I'm not a fan of pink so it seem kind of odd for me to buy a pink top, I now have some pink striking out in my wardrobe but I wanted to experiment something different from my usual wear. Vivi magazine never fail to impress me with the array of images they put into their spreads but still look so attractive and I really admire the craft and intricate seashell details on the box I got in Zhuhai. The most expensive thing I got from my trip was Chanel's No. 5 Eau de Parfum. Was contemplating whether to buy it but its scent convinced me to purchase it. A new scent for now from my previous Burberry Brit red!

Maple cable knit top, Burgundy Furry top, Monki Jossi pink knit top, Maple silver necklace, Handmade seashell box, Chanel No. 5 Eau de Parfum, Vivi magazine

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