03 December 2012


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"I just want to sleeppp!" clearly the statement lament every morning. I am apparently still not quite adapted to working my entire school break off, also partly how the morning cool weather this rainy season makes it a twice times harder to peel myself off the bed. There're honestly quite a number of things I would like to do during this holiday and hope to strike them off the list, but I'm quite tied down by work. (Kids, treasure your school life seriously) I'm contented on the other hand, that I'm going back to school, that this is just an internship which will end in a blink of an eye. Which got me thinking quite a while now...Should I take up another related degree after my completion of BA (Hons) in Fashion Communications or dive straight into the work force till retirement? I have a year and half to continue thinking till I graduate from Lasalle. Such a tough and crucial decisions to make in life that will path my future.

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