29 May 2013


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I don't know what got me interested in cooking, it might be some wifey or motherly hormones growing in me, I feel the need to know how to cook. Cooking had always been a chore, it still kind of feels that way – all the preparations, the heat and then the washing. But I've decided that it will be something I want to accomplish during this school break, or rather embark on in life.

Previously, I could only cook instant noodles and scramble egg because they're the easiest thing for me. On days when no one is home to cook, I'd either skip my meal or have cereals or cup noodles. For me, having a partner who can cook or is equally interested in gastronomy is helpful and makes cooking enjoyable. So far, I've only whipped up a few dishes which are still rather simple to do but it's good enough for me for a start. Gonna start researching recipes and try different dishes soon!

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