10 June 2013


IMG_1629IMG_1674IMG_1685IMG_1958IMG_9549IMG_2235IMG_2212I've been having so much thoughts for months about f a s h i o n.

A little background info: I major in Fashion Media & Industries (previously known as Fashion Communication) at Lasalle.

This started sometime back in midst of my project. The main project was to create a fashion ad campaign and lookbook from concept to print for a fictional collaboration – mine was Marc Jacobs for Zara. As I researched and think deeply about a concept, I felt that many big labels' campaigns didn't seem to be well communicated. They are nice visuals, but they were merely models being styled, being directed to pose and look in a certain way the brands want to portray and also being photoshopped.

What drew me to this course was the production of pretty fashion photos and amazing layouts in publications. Initially, I wanted to be a stylist for fashion spreads. As time passed and doing these works, attending some fashion events, seeing people, I felt fashion is a facade. I'm honestly sick of fashion – being disgusted at times by the fast changing ephemeral trends, how the fashion media (ironically what I'm doing) changed the looks of models, who they truly are, feeling bland seeing fashion imagery plastered all around the internet, cities etc. I don't really see purpose in these. And I wonder how God sees what fashion had become.

I enjoy dressing up and shopping but I was never the kind who follow trends or overdress and I don't lust for brands. I always stay to this: wear what I like and feel comfortable in, I would only buy expensive goods if I have the ability and not splurge or lust over them.

One more year till getting my BA (Hons) degree, I'm thankful the final year project would be more independent-oriented and I can choose what direction I would want to venture, even in my 6000 word essay. May the Lord guide me through my final year and allow me to find out what I would like to do in the future and what best suits me, in his time and will.


thelma low said...

I'm very proud of you as your ex-teacher! You have grown so much - your maturity towards your passion surpasses many of your peers. Truly your purposefulness will make your life in what you pursue meaningful. May He continue to bless you in your pursuit.

Joey Low said...

Dear Aunty Thelma,

Thank you for your encouragement and your patience in teaching me! May our Father in heaven bless you and your family abundantly :)