08 February 2014


 photo IMG_8281small_zps91eaf3a1.jpg It's a catch up on your work Saturday for me today, and also took this time to pack my room a little bit (but my work desk is still piled with papers, books and magazines). Last week I went for my 6th ship visit in the span of less than a year – Logos Hope, a Christian missionary ship that sails across the world to spread the love and word of God! There was a floating book store onboard, and I got The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, but I honestly doubt I'd be able to find time to start on it in the next few months given I've lots of articles and academic readings waiting for me to study.

Above the book is a cross stitch handwork my mom made when I was a baby which is really precious to me. It was only during this packing, I noticed the scents I'm using are running out soon. I prefer scents that are not too strong (my nose is quite sensitive), light but not too faint. It is time to hunt for for new suitable scents or I should customise my own? But that might cost a bomb. I've been wanting to check out the smell of Helvetica, The scent of nothing but if it's not available in Singapore, I won't be taking the risk to purchase it online. Any scents recommendation?

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