04 February 2014


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I know it isn't that nice to be in full black during visitations of the Chinese Lunar New Year. For non Chinese, black is deemed inauspicious to Chinese (I'm not superstitious and wore full black last year too) but I'll learn to avoid wearing full black on this colourful occasion, as a respect to elders next year onwards.

The past week saw me brain wrecking to finalise my thesis topic and final year project concept, while I was on family visitings. As my workload is increasing week by week for the next 2.5 months, I'm not sure how consistent I will be in updating this blog but I will try my best! So bear with me while I 'jagar' (cope) various commitments. Now I gotta return to microsoft word to write my thesis abstract (inserts a whining emoticon).

outfit from bangkok

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