13 February 2014


Part of my mind is thinking about thesis writing and final year project, I'm also thinking my trip to Hong Kong in less than 2 weeks! While this trip isn't entirely a vacation (it is a school trip for industry exposure as my lecturers put it), I'm taking it as part of my grad trip since I won't be having any vacation plans after I complete school till later this year, although I'll have to bring my laptop there to write my thesis.

The cooler weather of forecasted 14-20 degree celsius will be a great opportunity to dress up a little than usual, and I'm starting to plan what I should bring there: the hat I bought from my previous trip there, H&M mens scarf I got on a sale and never got a chance to wear it because I did not go for a winter vacation since I bought it, N's film camera on top of my Canon dslr. Not to forget, when in HK its time to indulge in amazing dim sum (and then return home to shed the fats off) and immerse in another Chinese culture. It would be my second time there and I'm excited – Hong Kong is definitely a place you would want to visit again if you've been there once. Agree?

hat from hong kong, h&m mens scarf, minolta film camera, iphone 4, white top from bangkok, specs from my dad's optical shop

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