12 May 2014


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The lively culture of the city remains the same since my last visit in December 2011; bustling streets blended in with new high rise architectures, good food everywhere, bombarded by neon and rusty signboards, endless walking till our feet aches, living in a tiny apartment with metal sliding gate, preserved traditional chinese antiques, Cantonese conversations and the perfect weather one can ever ask for (only when you visit from October to February).

As part of a school trip, I am pleased to have had the opportunity to visit the office-museum of Goods of Desire (worked on a collaborative project for them last August), met lovely people at Shanghai Tangs, Lane Crawford, The Monocle and Hong Kong Design Institute. Truly an enriching and memorable trip with my classmates to mark the end of my 4 years in Lasalle. Sorting out these photos taken 2 months ago made me miss Hong Kong, I think I left my heart there.


Lesley said...

Love your photos Joey!!!

Joey Low said...

Thank you Lesley! Quick upload yours too :)