07 May 2014



Hello! I am not sure who's still reading this space, thank you and hello for those who are! First off, I apologise for a one month hiatus on this blog (at least I'm still relatively active on Instagram). April was a blur, well because of the immense workload for my final major project, I couldn't find time to do up a post at all... It was a daily battle, a final lap, I had to focus on that.

On a brighter note, I am back! Though there will be some preparation for the annual graduation show, school's out until I decide to take up another degree, till then I'm no longer a student. It feels surreal; being accepted into Lasalle not being able to paint or sketch well, going through every semester smoothly. 4 years swept by, I've completed my Bachelor degree studies even before turning 21 (which I will be in October). Plans ahead are uncertain but I'm taking a step at a time, and allowing God to guide me, but now I just want to catch up with life and my family – doing things I can finally do after months, laze around and building a closer relationship with God.

For now, give me some time as I sort out documents and photos in my (super messy) laptop so that I can revive this space. I do have quite a number of plans during my break (of which, job searching is one of my task), so bear with me and check back soon!

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