07 July 2014


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What inspired me to make this neck pouch was simple: I want to protect my iPhone. Most of my clothes except jeans and shorts do not have a pocket to slot the phone, so my iPhone (that is on silent mode all the time) would be left to mingle with other things in my huge bag – resulting in missed calls and worst, scratches. I've been changing the screen protector a lot, and it is so 1. troublesome and 2. waste money (I'm economical like that). I never fancied those hard flip phone cover and like any other devices, its screen gets prone to scratches.

So I thought of making my own neck pouch which could help keep my phone in sight, instead of it buried in my bag. I used a small piece of leather that I got in Hong Kong a few months back and a sturdy string (you can otherwise use a necklace chain). The making of this is rather self-explanatory and does not take too much time (probably 20 mins?) or effort. Measure, cut, sew, flip, cut, tie, done!

Simple and fuss free, I like! (insert thumbs up emoji)

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