08 November 2014


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Since a decade ago, I started favouring menswear more than girly fashion. It started out tomboy-ish – mismatched sporty clothing ala Ocean Pacific, Billabong, Roxy sort of style. I remember wearing cap and sweat wristbands as bracelets...Don't even know what I was thinking back then. You wouldn't find skirts or dresses in my wardrobe for the longest time, but I do now and I wear more dresses and skirts than pants, especially for work now.

But eventually I slowly started to find out what suits me. While it is still hard to exactly describe my personal style in a few words, all I can say is that it is simple, comfortable and straight forward. One that doesn't put on too much embellishments, frills, colours and prints to "decorate" myself, but yet still feminine in some ways, and doesn't conform to fashion trends. I think that's why I like Céline and COS so much. It's understated and muted, it doesn't shout for attention. At this point, this feels a bit like a throwback to earlier this year because my graduating thesis paper was on the topic relating femininity and minimalism. I guess I really feel a lot for it!

Uniqlo breton stripe top, Topshop pants, Thrifted navy trenchcoat, Katie & Judith bag, Dr Martens

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